Looking for a reasonably priced week in the sun in spring, Tenerife looked like a good option. Though well known with British […]


One of the cities that changed the most when the Soviet Union broke up, anyone who lived through the fall of the […]


Ceuta is a Spanish territory situated on the north coast of Africa. It is bordered by Morocco, and is a port city […]


Madeira had been on the list for a long time, and when it became possible to travel again, it seemed like a […]


There’s a lot to see in Norway, and we only had a few days there. We made our pick from our guide […]

Interrail France

Many years had passed since my interrailing holidays in my twenties. What I remembered about them was the intense feeling of freedom […]


My sister had a new member of her family, and it was arranged that we would all meet up in Oban to […]

Eastern Australia

Australia’s east coast is over 15,000 miles long. People spend six months or more travelling from Melbourne in the south to Cairns […]