Travel Wishlists

I guess everyone interested in travel has a wishlist of destinations they’d would like to visit in the near future. Where you would like to go will depend on where you have already been. Some people will want to visit places they have never been to, and some will want to revisit in more depth places they have already been to.

Personally, I like to do a bit of both.

Here is my wishlist for the next couple of years.

  • Interrail around the former ‘Eastern Block’ countries. I have done several Interrail trips in Western Europe, both month long trips across the continent and shorter single country trips, but I have never been into Eastern Europe except for East Berlin when the Berlin Wall was still up. On my trip I would like spend a month to visit Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and the former Yugoslavia countries getting some beach time in Croatia at the end.
  • I have a big gap in my travel in South East Asia, only having been to Singapore and India, and I would like to do a fairly long trip to get a taster for these countries: Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. To start with a shorter trip to one of the countries would be OK. UPDATE: made a trip to Thailand – see the guide, and now Japan.
  • I have revisited many of countries of Western Europe since I was a young adult but one I haven’t got back to is Greece. Even with its troubles in recent years I think it would still be a wonderful place to go back to. UPDATE: now made this trip, Greece was good!
  • I haven’t been to the United States for many years, but watching vlogs of people travelling there has stirred new interest in me especially in visiting the western side of the States. It’s a big country and there is so much to see.

What is on your wishlist and why do you want to visit that destination? Leave a comment below

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