GoPro Hero Session

While being excited by the possibilities the Hero4 Session offered, and now regularly using it for videos – after making several videos with it, I want more.

The main problems being poor low light image quality, not great quality stills, and it being mainly designed for 1080p, (though you can increase this with a slower frame rate). This gives no opportunity to crop the image without looking poor quality and restricts any after-camera stabilisation or distortion correction. Already I want the 4K from the Hero5.

But before I get one of these the price will have to drop. The GoPro lens distortion means that you can’t really use it for a full video without the viewer getting tired of the format and videos need to include footage from different format lens and it’s difficult to justify the price of the Hero5 when it is a second shooter.

Still as an introduction to the GoPro line – the Hero4 will quickly make you realise if this is a camera that you will use. Even if you aren’t into action photography, do you have other subjects that you might find it useful for?

For accessories, I haven’t used the adhesive mounts, but have bought a flotation stick which the camera is usually on, a clip for attaching to my belt or rucksack strap (still to try), and a gecko mount – which looks cool but haven’t used much yet either.

In summary, there is much more I can do with it, but I’m always going to be a bit disappointed with the results.

UPDATE : now testing out the Hero Session 5. My first big trip with the Session 5 gave a lot better footage than the year before with the Session 4, so it is a definite improvement. The size of the 4K video made it very slow to process even on quite a decent computer, so didn’t really get much of a benefit from 4K as I had to downsize it before I could do anything with it. If I’d worked on small clips with the 4K then downsized before trying to put it together I might have got some benefit. So the question is, will I be happy with it as a longer term solution, or will I want the GoPro 7 or DJI Osmo?

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